Friday, September 03, 2010

Cry Me A River on the Finally Friday Freakout

Well, it is almost done, this summer. The Los Angeles drivers are hell bent for leather this weekend, as in if you are a pedestrian you are at extreme risk, even when crossing at a green light.

There is enough cheap gas to make them forget about conservation or frugality. They are wired for the internal mantra "We just gotta get away." If, as I witnessed, one of them rascals in a VW almost side swiped a Metro bus to do it then so be it.

I don't need a roller coaster, I ride Metro.

It has been a week of mixing female hygiene products with resumes and a wealthy powerful man telling women in tech they just don't want it enough to go get it so don't blame him.

I came home to a Post-It note with three questions with Bible verse answers stuck on my door.
Dude must have seen my tweet from early this morning from Pascal:

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction."
I can see that the campaign to Christ-up this nation is in full effect. As I have said before, the Christ Jesus and I have a working non-aggression agreement.

I try hard not to blame him or any of his authorized representatives for the actions of some of the dumb ass clucks claiming to be Christian and he loves me enough to let me go my own way.

I'm trying to hold to the spirit of the agreement but God knows I've had problems with my vocabulary and faith. I got so angry at some cruel faith based statement of idiocy that I had to take a double dose of Rumi's poetry just to settle me down be remotely civil.


Love that Rumi.

Not a great week but better than the last one. So to the hurtful disagreeable people who might find themselves in an uncomfortable situation and seek a balm I submit to your attention a young vocalist who has potential.

Cry me a river babe.

To the rest of you this is a reminder that sometimes we need to touch our inner spark. That sometimes can happen when we take a peep over at someone else displaying his or her spark.


  1. Love the Streisand video! So filled with bitterness and pain...

  2. There is no question she has a great voice. She can sing a song. There are good recordings where she is singing on automatic.

    But when Streisand understands and feels a song that's when I pay attention. It is that balance between acting and belting out a tune.