Friday, July 02, 2010

Shout on the Finall Friday Freakout

The day was even longer than I thought it was. Whew! All I want to do is nothing. That is not in the game plan at the moment. What I can do it take a moment to, you know, Shout!

This is the Isley Brothers form 1959:

Yes, that will un-rust the mental lock step bucket. What is really trippy is cover versions made by other performers at that time. This video was an unexpected find but the girl did alright.

This is Lulu:

Her body was moving but her hair stayed in place. Gotta give props to the industrial hair spray of the day. In any case there is something about that song that can bust up the internal cloak of doom.

Just as a reminder for the holiday weekend: clean underwear, have a spare condom, think before speaking after a few beers and don't drink and drive, text, sex or ignore the living person next to you and your iPhone.

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