Friday, June 18, 2010

Ahead of the Curve on the Finally Friday Freakout

I tell you, this day felt like 17 hours long. Everybody was twitchy trying to make it to closing time. Crossing the street was a death defying adventure.

I have one of two theories.

1. There are more color blind drivers that cannot see the color green as in "Dufus I'm crossing at a green light, why are you honking at me during your rolling stop?"


2. The loss of civility is the next sign of a dying culture.

I can't make up my mind.

Well, I hope to snag some goodies at the two, count 'em, two festivals in Pasadena this weekend. Pasadena Chalk Festival and the Make Music Pasadena Festival.

There will be art. There will be music from people I have never heard of and that is wonderful.

I never heard of Matt and Kim. I like the percussive energy in this video. I like even better free music on multiple stages around the city AND inside of the Pasadena ARTS shuttles.

This idea is so cool. Acoustic musicians will play for passengers. This is gonna confuse the hell out of the regulars but shaking up the system is good for the soul. Unless somebody tries to play "Feelings" on the Fair Oaks shuttle.

So not a good idea.

I spent all day wishing it was over so I could get on to Saturday. I need to just be and see the rest of the world without filters. Without obligations. Roam if I want to.

As a public service reminder, Pasadena Traffic enforcement is no joke. If they could slap a ticket on the Metro Gold Line they would.

Park where you know you can get to the meter just before time runs out.

If the meter seems to be broke, do not park in that spot. It is a ticket trap. The city says that if the meter is broken you are not supposed to park in that spot. There is no sign. There is no warning. Bupkis. You are expected to know that obscure city code.

The city will slap a ticket on your car for parking at a busted meter. And then you will want to go upside someone's head like Kim does on the drums.

Don't do it though. Positive vibes. Park in San Gabriel and take Foothill Transit. Or take the Metro Gold Line and hop on and off the shuttles. You could also walk. It is a concept that will come into its own someday in Southern California.

Other than that, have a enjoyable weekend.

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