Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thinking About Meat Loaf and Passionate Singing

I was in the store the other day and a cashier was sharing with a customer about how good the Rocky Horror Picture Show really is and that she would enjoy it.

I smiled because I certainly did and the other person waiting in line was nodding his head. The person, who appeared in her early twenties, was not necessarily convinced but she bought it anyway.

It won't be the same experience for her. That is ok. There is no way to replicate what it was like to be in the theater and have no idea of what was about to happen. The Bic lighters being flicked. Huge chunks of the audience doing the Time Warp. Tim Curry in a corset and that blond beefy guy in those plastic, vinyl shorts. Ah yes, I remember it well.

Before the movie was a musical short feature. We didn't call them music videos because there was no MTV. Or cable as we now it now. We had VHF, UHF and if you were prosperous a VHS player.

I laid eyes on Meat Loaf ripping the hell out of Paradise By the Dashboard Light. I'm sure that I had popcorn suspended between the bucket and my mouth. Keep in mind that I was raised as and shall always be a Funkateer.

Yet his Meatness was working his way into my being; rattling what I thought I knew.

So after I got home from the store I was wondering if the video holds up for me. I checked it out. It did. In the side bar there was a photo of how Meat Loaf looks now. I click on over.

No need to worry, he is doing just fine:

The dude is looking kinda good! Not that he was bad looking just that I never got to see his face without his hair plastered on it. Beef-a-licious you might say. Like you know there is somebody in the bed and you don't need that extra blanket.

I digress. Still kicking it hard and passionate. Look here, can't somebody make a television/cable theatrical movie musical with him in the lead? Come on, put this man in a music structured long form video. He could do it.

I don't know if he can act. I do know he can perform. I'd write it myself if I knew how to create that kind of musical narrative video. I'll put that on the bucket list for later.

Word is that he is finishing up a new album and going on tour. I hope he is going to pacing himself. I don't understand how he can sing like that night after night. Sitting or standing, I don't care but take care of those vocal cords baby.

Oh, Mr. Loaf doesn't need a woman to sing with him. Check out Cry Over Me. Amazing work. The video, not so much but the song and the vocals. Powerful.

Seriously put him in a movie musical somebody.

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