Friday, April 16, 2010

Letter Poem - Day 6 Videoblogging Week 2010

Mike Moon has a great Day 6 post and I certainly want to encourage folks to wander over to A Moment At Mike Moon's Moon Echos.

Me? Yeah. I have something. Not as good as Mike's. No where near as good as Mike's but I had an situation where I had the ringer of the phone off because of the carpet telemarketer and I missed a call.

Dude, call me back!

I digress. It gave me an idea to write a quick poem and see what I could come up with to channel my anger at people who have no respect for the concept of "Not freaking interested!" In carpet cleaning. Really talking about carpet cleaning phone calls. And telemarketers in general and specifically that bi-vocal robot who someday will be brought up on charges.

I am in Que Sera Sera mode about the missed call. I am firm in my conviction that the robo-calling machine should be used as target practice.

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  1. Hold on now... sure, the video I did for day 6 was something special... it was created from a LOT of crap videos. If I only posted the good stuff, well, I wouldn't have 800, I'd have about 6. :)

    I was able to create "A Moment" video, because I vlogged lots of moments.

    The moment you've created above, is a small piece to a wonderful puzzle. Congrats!

    ...and thank you.