Sunday, November 01, 2009

Start Out Impossible and Work My Way Up

Every Sunday I have this list of things to do. And every Sunday evening I feel like a failure. There is the home stuff and the reading/researching stuff and the fuck it I want to take a nap stuff and the when do I get time to create stuff and on and on and on.

So today, I think I am going to try something different. No list. Just time units. 10 minutes of one thing and they do something completely different. Seeing how there are sixty minutes in an hour I should be able to get six things done.

In theory. Now, I know me. I'll start in on something knowing that I only have 10 minutes and next thing you know I'm working 30 minutes and then that throws the whole thing out of whack. Productive, but out of whack.

The plan is if something takes an hour I have six ten minute opportunities between now and midnight to finish. I can lump them or space them out; especially if I have to go to the store.

The point is I need to not feel like a crumb bum at the end of the day. So my reward, if I do six out of 13 tasks, is I get to watch an episode of Doc Martin at 7pm.

The ears, the dude has wicked ears. And it is a good show too, beautifully shot and literate writing.

I can multi-task. I can be productive.

I still want a nap and say to hell with it.

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