Saturday, October 03, 2009

If You Had A Choice of Colors on the Finally Friday Freakout

You know some Fridays it is all I can do to crawl back to the cave and hug the nearest rock. I hug that rock to keep me from throwing it as the stupidity of the week. I woke up and the Muse on Duty said "Curtis Mayfield."

I knew just which song too. An agape type love song that asks us the questions "who do we love or hate and why?" I wish I could find a version with Mr. Mayfield on lead but this is a might fine version of If You Had A Choice of Colors.

In 2008 there seemed to be a DVD produced about Curtis Mayfield and Impressions. This seems to be a trailer/commercial or the DVD.

If you happen to see a copy please let me know what store or website you found it. Legit of course, no bootleg.


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