Friday, September 18, 2009

Lay Down, Candles in the Rain on the Finally Friday Freakout

There are people hurting in this country. The pain is enormous. There are people asking for help and other people defending their God given right not to do a damn thing.

There are others people yelling and screaming in frustration and when grown folks do that there will be trouble.

By the time I got to be this old I had hoped that we would be better than this, much more civil and certainly respectful in our disagreements. Maybe it is time to lay childlike hope aside. Naw, I can't do that. Not yet.

I like all kinds of music. Always have. Except Opera. I tried, really.

I actually have this song on a compilation album by Buddah Records. Melanie's picture is on the album but I never knew more than I like the song.

Her full name is Melanie Safka. This is a version of her classic tune Lay Down, Candles in the Rain as performed on the Nashville Network in 1991.

"Some came to sing, some came to pray, some came to keep the dark away."

Yep, we have to stand and keep the dark forces of fear away. It is hard but facing fear is hard. There is a lot of fear romping around. More of us have to stand up for truth, integrity and really good chocolate.

Did I say chocolate? Oh, well, chocolate... peace, same thing.

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  1. Have you ever seen the French movie, Diva? It features a Black-American opera singer, Wilhelmina Wiggins-Fernandes (I believe that was her name). I think you would enjoy the movie (it has several story lines including an obsessed/enthralled fan who makes an unauthorized recording of her voice). Check it out. The song he records is beautiful and I think, given your wide musical tastes, you'd like it.