Friday, August 14, 2009

Wade In The Water Remix on the Finally Friday Freakout

Creation begets more creation. It can't be stopped or legislated. The participants in the video are generations apart but the constant is the beat, the beat, some drums and more beat.

The singer is the great Marlena Shaw who album I still have in vinyl form. She sustained me during the dark days of tribulations and clogs on escalators.

The performers in the early part of the video is the Berry Brothers, who I don't have a clue who they were but somebody was inspired by these gents. I've seen latter day interpretations of this kind of dancing. I figure some choreographer plucked a few steps from these dudes for certain.

The other performer is the great dancer Eleanor Powell. Put them all together and you have an appreciation for them all. Enjoy and feel free to say "Wow."

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