Saturday, June 27, 2009

Uptight Citizen's Brigade - Summer of Staycation 1

Sunday nights in Hollywood are not generally associated with entertainment unless you want to watch the dads with baby car seats in the back troll for fresh meat. Yes, way too much non-verbal information that is shared by all.

Anyway, if you are not doing anything around Sunday 7:30pm and, you want to keep it legal, you might want to check out the Uptight Citizen Brigade Theater. If you are outside of L.A. you can check out comedy and improve videos at UCB Comedy.

Always double check event listings but I hear that on Sundays there is a freebie performance. All you have to do is get yourself there about an hour or so before the doors open and it is a bum rush to the seats.

Now, be fair. Don't expect to sit and view improve comedy without being repeated encouraged to buy libations. Pony up for a drink or two. I'm sure they have ginger ale or something.

So if you and best bud need some place to go but the lint is taking up room in the wallet then go for it. It is cheaper than making bail.

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