Friday, January 02, 2009

Gnarls Barkley on the Finally Friday Freakout

Before I left for work today I was messing around and some how I got to this video by Gnarls Barkley. I think there was text before the link that said something that the album released in the summer didn't do well. I'm thinking, what?

These men have more talent than two years of contestants on all reality show. When I saw the video I understood why it wasn't in heavy rotation on MTV.

I checked it out the video. I think it is a deep on many levels but let me warn you that it is rough. If you have a broken heart it is rough. If you are tender hearted it is rough.

 If you pass out on the sight of blood do not watch, ok? Having a bout of depression cuz you main squeeze said "See ya?"

Let this one alone.


This is Gnarls Barkley and Who Is Gonna Save My Soul?"

Me, I'm laying low. Not sure what my words mean on a Friday night when I am defending folks right to read a book as opposed to having bad sex. Some days I think we are only three steps ways from the cave.

So much work to do but on whom? It does make me crazy but then I remembered I was born nuts so it is ok.

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  1. omg this was so good..I'm so glad I found you today because of've made me smile no laugh when I really was contemplating the tough year ahead. Not that I can't do it...just didn't want too.

    Dorothy from grammology