Saturday, October 04, 2008

Eagle Rock Music Festival By The People, For The People!

Tonight in the northeastern section of Los Angeles the Eagle Rock Music Festival 10. will kick off at 5 p.m. The focus of this year's festival is giving exposure to local musicians and groups that are bubbling under the surface of so-called fame and fortune. It is free to all that want to attend.

Eagle Rock Festival Logo
This is a good opportunity to find out that Los Angeles is far more than Hollywood, Rodeo Drive or starlettes lost in transition. Eagle Rock worked hard to transform itself from being a pass through point from Pasadena to Hollywood. It is home and community to so-called middle Americans and the increasing ranks of the broke folk nation. Some drink beer, some sip wine and as for me, a smoothie will do nicely, thank you very much.

Some of the performers will not be on your local radio playlist because they don't fit the format. That alone is recommendation enough to attend. But wait, there's more!
  • Folk and Experimental music is over at the American Legion Hall where the Cobra Lilies, The Antarcticans and Emily Lacy will get to strumming.
  • For those on the Dub vibration there is Dublab and Very Be Cool on Casper and Colorado.
  • If you are willing to step out on the composers edge there will be classical and contemporary music from Renaissance Arts Academy at 1800 Colorado.
  • You want some blues or jazz with your chow? Head over to Columbo's for your fix.
  • Indie Rock is setting up camp at American Tire Depot and the Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club.
  • HipHop is over Casper and Merton with DJ Grainshifter, Bambu, Akasha and more
The first note drops at 5pm and wraps up at midnight. As always I encourage you to take Metro but this is gonna be a little tricky. If you can take the #84 or #81 that will get you as close to some of the performers but you are gonna have to walk, there will be detours.

Those taking the #180/180 same deal, you can get into Eagle Rock but you might have to walk a block or two extra to find your peeps. Those of you using DASH to come to the festival know you will have find another way to get home, otherwise it is going to be a long walk back to the Highland side.

Go Metro and plan your route defensively. This means that you want to plan more than one way to get home.

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