Friday, September 12, 2008

Bette Midler on The Finally Friday Freakout

I have a book called “What They Said in 1976, The Yearbook of Spoken Opinion”.  It is a book of quotes from the important and the famous. I need to qualify that because back in 1976, for the most, part you actually had to do something for a period of time to be famous.

Anyway, I’m flipping through the book looking for inspiration and I came across this quote from John Denver:

Art can be a song, a poem a movie. Art for me is to create a space for people to realize themselves. I write a song. The song works. The medium of words music, works. I have said what I wanted to. It’s art if someone listens and something happens, something pops up, little pictures, an image. When that picture comes up and you think, “That’s right! That’s true!” - that is art. It is realizing who you are."

John Denver interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle on August 8, 1976 in Aspen, Colorado.

I think John Denver was on the mark. The songs we truly hold dear communicate a connection, a truth or recognition that we are present.

There are performers who not only deliver a song but in the right environment convey a truth that is universal.  This is one such moment from The Divine Miss M herself, Bette Midler a segment from The Fabulous Bette Midler Show that aired June, 1976. This is a story based medley of Strangers in the Night and Do You Want to Dance.


For more information on Bette Midler you can visit her website or her page on Wikipedia. If you are interested in her theatrical escapes then you should visit Bette on the Boards.

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