Saturday, August 16, 2008

Issac Hayes on the Finally Friday Freakout

I'm a little bit older this week. There are tributes and memories all over the land this week. Issac's music wasn't Motown. He was a major force in Stax Records. Issac was straight up R&B but he also incorporated orchestrations. However the violins, organ and other accents never overpowered or diluted the music. You came to it as it was, it was not filtered or for mass consumption.

No disrespect to Motown intended. This is a condensed for television video of Walk On By. Those in the know understand that for the full effect you must soak yourself in the entire album. I wish I could have seen him perform but I was just way too young.


Long before he went solo he worked with David Porter to create signature tunes for Sam and Dave a pound of stuff for The Soul Children and influenced three or more generations of music and musicians. Major props to Mr. Porter who is an excellent songwriter/performer in his own right.

You could not  live on the east coast and not know of Issac Hayes or David Porter. I don't have anything new to tell you. No words of wisdom.

Bernie Mac said a year before he passed he wanted to kick back and enjoy his family and the blessings of his hard work. Bernie knew what what important and I'm sad he wasn't able to live that part of his dream.

Randy Pausch rocked the world academically to tell you to live to your vision and potential and not let other people's expectations block your path. That man had a knock down dragged out fight with cancer and I'm not sure that Randy lost the fight as much as he was victorious in planting a million seeds of inspiration.

I'm just hoping that nobody else I know makes his or her final exit.

Space it out folks.

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