Friday, June 20, 2008

Petula Clark on The Finally Friday Freakout

Downtown is one of those songs that stay with a person. I was for anything that would take me away to something new and undiscovered. The dancers in tux slay me.

Yes some folks are voluntarily heading downtown to the Music Center. Tonight they are having a Motown Sing Along at the Music Center. The event is free and I think those of us that can't carry a tune in a re-enforced bucket should make sure to represent the A-tonally challenged.

Do you know what it is like to be a short person and having to sing from the back row?

I have concerns. The first thing is I mangle song lyrics. I know they are wrong but I get caught up. So are they gonna do that projection thing that they do at the opera?

The second thing is that there is a specific notice on the website that no recording of any kind is permitted. That just blows chunks, you know what I mean? I understand that everything should not be recorded but come on, non-famous people singing is a wonderful thing. Especially if you can't harmonize to save your life.

This is just wrong. The other questionable quibble is that they are going to have a choirmaster to guide us in singing? That is how I ended up in the back row in the first place! If they stick me in the balcony without my consent there will be trouble.

Then again we who are begged not to warble in the shower could stage a music inspired uprising and take My Girl to a whole new level.

Songs I Hope Are On The List:

Stop The Love You Save May Be Your Own
Poppa Was A Rolling Stone
Take Me In Your Arms and Rock Me A Little While
Standing In the Shadows Of Love
Twenty-Five Miles
Function At The Junction
This Old Heart of Mine

Well I can get there but not so sure I can get back home without another story to tell.
If I go I'll give a full skivvy. Let the mayhem begin. If I was you, I'd bring earplugs. The Skullcandy kind, not the cheap stuff.


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