Monday, June 25, 2007

Automatons at the L.A. Convention Center

Here is where vlogging get to be problematic. I recorded video of a silicon doll. She is not real. But she is anatomically correct except for the size 40 rack on her frame which I'm figuring is creative license by the designers or one of her selling points.

And people were touching her, er it, the automaton. And I don't think Leloo (that is her name) liked some of the ways she was being touched.

No this isn't clear. Let me try again.

So I'm walking around the convention center looking for straight women tools and technology for the unattached and under serviced. Now this is tricky stuff cuz I had to be mindful of navigation.

Men folk will come to a dead stop for a dancing partially clad woman. It was amazing. Not only will they come to a dead stop and snap photos but other dudes, fearful that they might be missing something good will dive into the black hole, not knowing what is on the other side.

And like entropy, a mass builds and then chaos destroys it (the dance ends) and they go their separate ways until the next dancer makes happy with the pole. As a female person you don't want to be standing in the middle of a crowd of men watching a show girl slinging hash.

Not that they will pay one whit of attention to you. I don't want to imply it was not safe. I'm just saying there was a collective rise in temperature and testosterone that needed to be respected.

So I'm cruising around the floor and I notice people are putting their camera's on a tripod and siting with a full size female doll. Non-vinyl. And from a distance without my glasses she looks, "real." Except she is not.

As I'm standing there are people walking up to a doll on the table. Some only touch her toes. A few give her leg a solid grip. A few women conducted a finger inspection of the lower area, both fore and aft. I wish to point out, they knew where to look.

The fellas, oh, my goodness. I can see first hand why some of you don't get a second chance after the first time at bat. You can't grab those 40's like you picking up a quart of motor oil. There were pinchers, slappers and clampers.

There were also massagers, (god bless 'em) smoothers and those gentlemen that took their time which is never a bad thing. Get the lay of the land and understand the territory.

I should show this to cultural anthropologists or something. Yeah, so where is the video?

I can't show it until I learn how to use the fuzz filter to block out faces. I don't have permission to show you the participants and it is not fair to them even though the event stated that by entering you give your consent to being recorded. When I get that figured out I will post it.

If you want to know more about the next evolution of non-human acquired companionship (and you have $4,900) You should go here.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Art and Eros at the L.A. Convention Center

It was a Friday afternoon. A friend was driving me home from work. I mentioned that I might go to the Convention center. He told me to take lots of photos. Probably wanted me to snag him some DVD's too.

I told him that I'm probably not going to be taking pictures of half naked women. If I did this it would be of booth rabbits and half naked men. "Then what is the point of going?" he replied.

Hmm. What was the point of going and paying cash money to see stuff of a carnal nature?

Windows Media Video Version

Well, to say that I checked it out. To say that it met or did not meet my preconceived notions of this kind of event and to learn something I didn't know.

I have some answers for him. Unexpected answers. For one thing, I did not expect to see a gallery of art at this exhibition. When the floor traffic got heavy or congested it was a great place to duck into for a bit of sanctuary.

That didn't last long because other folks wandered in to check out the art. It was like any gallery show. Some good, some base level and a couple of exceptional pieces. They had to be, they cost at least $4,500 and up.

The piece that I like the best was the white marble with the hips and thighs just like mine! Representation, that's what I'm talking about. Fair is fair.

In this video I wanted to show some of the art from the X-Art Gallery. There are statues and sculptures and paintings and photographs and one brief CG animation.

The images are of an explicit nature. Seriously explicit. If you have trouble with naked fruit of a human nature you aren't gonna like this. Absolutely not safe for work.

The music is from blues man Charley Jordan with a rousing rendition of "Keep It Clean." It ain't. I'm still working on the words but how he got "Yes", to rhyme with the back of my front is a puzzlement.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Evolve Ad - What You Won't See On TV

We need to see the condom advertisements on broadcast television.

This should be a no-brain common sense good business decision. I see ads for Victoria Secret with half fed women bouncing in orgiastic wonderment about a bra and panty set.

I see women getting killed, whacked, assaulted and "disappeared" on most TV crime dramas. I am constantly exposed to the needs of "men" in the pursuit of "women". Daytime television is filled with people having simulated sex especially on the soap operas.

Condoms help protect people from sexually transmitted diseases. If you are willing to sell sex to gain ratings then you should be able to sell products that help people stay safe. Simple but simple can be hard to achieve in a sexually repressive culture.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Puppeteers in Flight - Phantom Galleries L.A.

You are walking along and you think you see something but you are pressed for time.

Or you are standing waiting for the bus and there is something out of the ordinary, a shift you can't put your finger on but it is present.

In certain cities in Los Angeles there are Phantom Galleries where there use to be retail stores. Until they are rented they act as silent art galleries for many of the local artists.

This is a short video of one that I encountered a while back. The artist is Farad Kohan and to see more of his work visit

For more information about the Phantom Galleries Los Angeles visit

P.S. Thanks for the encouragement and offers of psychic chocolate. I think I did ok on the final and I kept my chocolate consumption to no more than three pieces. All I can tell you is be nice to your local librarian. They work darn hard so you don't have too.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm On The Outside Looking In - Day 6

It was ok for a while but I'm cut off from the domain once again. Just as well. I have a final tomorrow and I need to reduce the distractions available to me. But I gotta tell you, it is hard to snuggle up to the Anglo-American Rules for Cataloging, Revision 2.

You have to use the AACR2 abbreviations for places of publication for the states. They are in the old style postal format. W. Va instead of WV for West Virginia. One down and 49 more to go.

The punctuation is a killer. For example, if I need to describe the physical dimensions of a book I have to type:

300 BB $a 100p. : $b ill. ; $c 23cm. which translates into the book has 100 pages, has illustrations and is 23cm in dimension.

The above is probably not correct. I always get one or two punctuation marks wrong.

And the difference between an authority file, authority record and authority control? You don't really want to know. I'm supposed to know and I'm not even sure what a book is anymore. Tomorrow I have to catalog a book for the final.

I'm doomed. So, I'm not that bummed about Covad, AT&T and the frigging techno glitch that is cramping my style.

Chocolate. I need chocolate.

Survival Skills - Christopher Nyerges Class at PCC

A while back I did a brief post on Christopher Nyerges and his book on Survival Skills. Just wanted to give a head's up to the Pasadena folks that he is conducting a Survival class via Pasadena City College Extension.

Flash Video Version

Windows Media Video

QuickTime Version

This is just a short clip of him explaining why he is teaching these type of classes. According to the summer catalog student will learn about:
  • Edible and medicinal plants
  • Making fire without matches
  • Finding and purifying water
  • Survival kits and home supplies
  • Primitive and modern shelters
The class will be held on five Fridays starting June 22 to July 20. If you would like to register for the class boogie on over to

If you would like to check out Mr. Nyerges web site

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sustainability Project - BlogHer Acts

We take a brief pause from the video upload in progress to take a nod toward a higher purpose.

If you had the power to effect a change in our world what would it be? BlogHer asked the question and I feel compelled to respond. I would want the various communities of the world to have sustainability projects so that there would be consistent employment, a livable community and a love and respect for planet Earth.

Sustainability is not a white thing or an elitist thing or even a green thing. If one community has too much and the other not enough there will be trouble. There is trouble. I would also toss in ethics but I have to keep it to one topic. Wait, I got it, ethical sustainability.

If the fuel depletion projections are accurate then there will be lack. Where there is lack there is exploitation, war and violence against women and children. The men folk don't do so well either.

So, I think this is the time where we have to look to create a community - real world in real time folks - that starts with respect for the planet and the people that are on it.

We can create food sources in our immediate areas. We can recycle and recreate our waste products. We can employ the members of our society that we have walled off. There are whole cities that have no industry to speak of except the prison industry. We have the tools and the technology. We can do better.

We must. So in the spirit of BlogHer Acts I would like to propose a focus on equal opportunity ethical sustainability projects. Go Green and all colors in-between but let's cut the crap and get to work.

What The Heck Is This About?

BlogHer is a grand gathering of women folks and some men folks who are gathered together in an electronic community of bloggers.

From the Website:

BlogHers Act will take on two things --

1. Making a difference on a single global cause

2. Identifying the top four issues that women online want the U.S. Presidential candidates to address in order to win our votes in the ‘08 Election.

Imagine the opportunity that’s in all of our hands right now.

All of us know the positive, productive, monumental ACTION of bloggers, especially women bloggers, when rallying around a problem, an issue or an event. Since we started blogging a few years back, we’ve witnessed - and been so lucky to be a part of - countless moments, big and small, when bloggers worked together to make a difference.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mywaves Customer Experience - Pixelodeon 2007

I feel funny writing this. I just purchased a talk/text messaging cell phone this weekend. I don't like cell phones. I've made a total of one call. I really don't like them when people attempt to dial as they drive as I am crossing the street with a solid green light.

I do like that N93 cell phone that Rupert uses for Twittervlog, however Americans currently cannot buy that cell phone. That is more video camera envy more than anything having to do with cell phones.

But I'm taking one step at a time. Attending Susan's session has opened my mind to some of the possibilities of positive usage. In this next video Susan Cashen talks about the customer side of the experience of using

One of the things I like about it is the "private channels" where the user can control the privacy level of the content. I can sense that a few folks are gonna get busted because they didn't take the time to read the freaking instructions on partitioning their inflammatory content.

Susan From MyWaves - Pixelodeon 2007

Video content is no longer confined to a room or a box. Mobile phone video is a growing opportunity for viewers and content providers to have another platform for viewing videos.

Susan Cashen from gave a presentation about the company that she works for and some of the advantages of hooking up with One of the advantages is that it is a free, non-carrier dependent service.

In this segment, Susan introduces the participants on the viewership of mobile phone content, what they like to look at and how they spend their money.

If you want more info check out the main site at

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

L.A. Bloggers Still Locked Out By AT & T Day 3

Very frustrating. Google knows we have a problem. Earthlink is coming to consciousness and confirms there is a problem. Covad? Problem? AT&T? What problem and what is a blog?

Speculation is that some body or entity locked out the domain for the Los Angeles area. Folks can't even get into or

Grrrr. Just a reminder that any L.A. blogger can't see their own pages or visit any other sites. I can upload content. I can receive comments.

I can't visit my own blog. I can't respond back via comments or check out your blogs. This is the best that I can do:
  • Dwacon - Heck Yeah, Fast butter in the city and Larry Daily rocked!
  • Rob - thanks, glad it was useful stuff
  • Velvet Brick - It's killing me that I haven't gotten an answer to you. I needed to e-mail you to ask questions on who is your video web host and the format that you are recording. But I can't get to your site to get your contact information.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ski-Ter and Corey at Pixelodeon 2007

I have more good stuff from the session that Corey Tyler and Ski-Ter gave at Pixelodeon 2007.

In this video Ski-Ter is talking about the positive support that Veoh has given them, about how they want to move to the next level and the skills that Can We Do That.Net has helped them develop.

They also stressed the positive aspects of networking and cooperative effort with each other and other vloggers and video producers.

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Corey and Ski-Ter at Pixelodeon

I know a lot of folks who wanted to go to the event would like the opportunity to view the various screenings. Hey, there were screenings I couldn't make and I was there!

The good news is that screenings are being prep for on-line viewing. Soon as more of us recover we'll put the word out on where you can view the collection.

There were many Do It Yourself sessions at Pixelodeon in addition to the screenings. These guys almost made me miss my own session. Corey Tyler and Ski-Ter of gave an excellent talk about taking control of your career, putting your production out there and walking your talk.

They should know. All of them are professional actors. Even if you have no desire to be on the commercial side of the video business you need to know what these young men are saying.

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On the Outside Looking In...

Hiya folks. I have a bunch of stuff to upload. Unfortunately AT&T the Los Angeles branch is having problems. I can't access my own or any other BlogSpot pages. Other L.A. based bloggers are having the same problems.

We can get comments, we can see profiles. We just can't see our own blogs!

Hopefully this will be fixed soon. In the meantime I am learning how to upload video blindfolded.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Memory Slides - Pixelodeon 2007

These are images in my head. These are my touch points that have occurred and I don't know what to do with them.

If you didn't get to go they might not mean anything to you. If you know some of the people or places they will have a touch point inside of you. If not, here are some snaps to music.

These are some of my touch points that I have stories to tell at another time.

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The DivX Belt - A Few Thoughts

When an idea moves from thought to concrete action it can be overwhelming. There were people I wanted to talk to and things or concepts that I need to catch up on.

It is like a keg of beer. You want the beer. Hopefully in small controlled amounts. But it can be overwhelming if you put you mouth over the spigot and let it rip. Pixelodeon is a little like that.

I was helping out volunteering so I got a chance to get more info on the DivX stuff. Now there are times to whip out the camera and times when you need to respect personal space and conversations.

There was a great conversation I wished I could have recorded on the frustrations of mathematicians and content producers having needs and divergent paths of communication. It was wonderful. Didn't record it.

There there was the belt. Couldn't ignore the belt. The belt made me think of things. I'm still working on what those things are and will let you know when I have them figured out.

As for the presentation? Um. Let me say first I really appreciate the free software and promise to give it fair shake. And the T-shirt, a girl can't have too many X-large T's for sleeping and other activities.

Well here is the thing. I wanted to learn about why I should add a DivX video to my blog. I wanted to know why I should add another format when I'm already doing .wmv and .mov.

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of using the format? How do I educate newbies and visitors to my site about downloading the codec so they can view the videos?

I don't have an answers cuz we just watched videos. I love that Gnarls Barkely video and some of the others I didn't know about. I wasn't expecting to view videos. I wanted to know about the company and the features that I as a vlogger might need to know about.

I'll get my answers if they have them on the website. I just think an opportunity was missed.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

This is a Good Day - Pixelodeon Reminder

First order of business. It is just a few more days until the Pixelodeon crew hits Los Angeles. On June 9th and 10th Hollywood will be jumping with vloggers, bloggers and media folks of all permutations.

Just want to invite folks both corporeal and cyber-enhanced to the event which is free as in no cost to you. There are tickets if you want to sit up close and personal with the high tones, wisdom givers and connected with connections but it is not necessary to attended the event.

I am one of the curators of the event, my area is Social Justice, Community and Awareness. I promise it will not be like swigging on Castor Oil. It isn't gonna be a laugh riot either. What I wanted to do was show folks using video on the Internet for connecting communities, solving problems and how we can move forward.

Not to say that there isn't gonna be jocularity at the event. You want your funny bone tickled? Check out the schedule I'm sure there is something that will hit close to one of your particular persuasion.

Ok, some persuasions we can't do in public but you know you got Fleshbot for that. And Tiny Nibbles just in case you are really hurting about missing Pixelodeon for material of a certain type so long as you are over 18. (Psst, it is that sex stuff in case I wasn't subtle enough.)

Anyway, I hope you can stop by and check out the goodies. I have to double check but hopefully we can put up an online gallery so folks who couldn't make it can see what other people are doing.

There will be video recording. I will be toting cameras for sure as well as the other vloggers, bloggers and photobloggers who will be in attendance. The cell phone contingency will be completely represented. Trust me, it will be documented up the wahzoo and beyond.

The other reason why it is a good day? Well, I'll tell you. On June 5, 2007 this here blog was selected as a "Blog of Note" by Blogger. After a long day at the salt mine, after missing the bus, and pulling bills out of the mail box I see more comments than usual. I find out that for this day I was a "Blog of Note" (I love typing that!) If people clicked that link they found my blog. Yowser!

Thanks to everybody that every read or watch a video. Except for the creeps that keep trying to sell me to male enhancement pills. I feel like Esau at the moment. Just keep plugging, you'll get it by and by.