Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Desk and Dusty Trails - Day 11

On the Ning list of NaVloPoMo one of the suggestions for posting videos when you run out of things to post is what is in your junk drawer. I go one step better, my junk top of desk. Normally it isn't as bad as I recorded it. It can be worse.

As a special added bones at around the 04:31 mark is the opening title video for one heck of a bad sitcom, Dusty's Trails. I got this at the beloved 99 Cents Only store but I overpaid by 50 cents.

This is proof positive that not everything from the sixties is groovy.

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  1. Oh Gena! That was a hoot! Bob Denver as Dusty! I never knew that existed - I was born too late. But now I know. And of course the Film Noir redeems all. Thanks for showing your desk. I will have to show mine soon - can't make a request without being willing to do it yourself. You inspire me.

  2. Believe me, the opening theme is the highpoint of the show.

    Yikes? What am I gonna do next?

  3. Assuming you're a Star Wars fan you can always talk about your love of Star Wars. Oh and Dusty's Trail for a second looked like a rehash of Gilligan's Isle. I almost though we saw the millinoire couple, the movie star, and even the Skipper. The only thing that was similar was Bob Denver.

  4. I have an appreciation for Star Wars but I'm a Yoda lover more than anything else.

    I was raised on Star Trek so that is where my loyalties are routed but I loves Sci-Fi; the good and the bad.

    You pretty much nailed it on Dusty's Trail, they transfered the characters from the island to the American West of the 1800s. The sad thing was that I think the actors knew this was a turkey from jump street.

    You feel sorry for them because it is contrived situations derived from the island, heavy on the laugh track and it is hard to do a western comedy on a Hollywood stage.