Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mike Farrell on Purpose and Humanity - Day 29

I wasn't feeling very human so I had to stop and get my barrings. I never wanted to be one of those folks on an invisible treadmill but I was running and forgot where I was going.

I regret that I had to miss a few days of vlogging but hey, like I said, someone had to lower the curve. But I have some good stuff for the last two days. Mike Farrell is an actor. He is also an Activist and not just cuz someone paid him a $25,000 fee to pretend that he is concerned person about an issue.

Usually I try to stay away from industry people because the few that I have met were total assholes. Generally people who wanted to be connected to the industry for the fame and money part and not because they had any talent or something to add to the culture.

Mr. Farrell seems different. As I listened to him talk it seemed that he has personally experienced coming out the darkness into various forms of light. Can't be totally sure cuz he is an actor. He has a book out called "Just Call Me Mike".

But I'd like to think we could could collectively whip up a barbecue and have a jawbone session over non-fortified lemonade.

This is a video excerpt from a talk that Mike Farrell gave at the Glendale Public Library on November 28, 2007. In this short clip he talks about our being connected by purpose.

For more information about Actor - Activist Mike Farrell visit

P.S. I feel like a dope. I can't get into NaVlogPoMo. I can't get the image to come up. I can't find a skirt for Friday night at The Winnies.

Purpose, ha! I'd settle for linear thought at the moment.

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