Thursday, November 01, 2007

I Must Be Out Of My Mind - Day One

It is a time for expression, high verbiage followed by a sleep deprivation chaser. In case you haven't heard is it:


  • National Novel Writing Month - Think of it as the equivalent of a marathon, where folks with the best of intentions decide to write that dang novel they have been carrying in their bones. No prizes, no free drinks or sponsorship. Just you and your writing device facing down the calendar. For the record, I will not be participating in this event but ain't nothing stopping you from taking the plunge. I'd give you more info about it but I can't connect to the site. What you can do is check out the audio podcast related to the event at
  • National Blog Posting Month - If you are a blogger now is the time to step up to the plate. You don't even have to blog alone, check out the list and find your kinfolk. If you are a belly Christian blogger into Goth I'm telling you there are folks waiting to hug your cyber-spirit. Seeing how I can barely muster two or three post a month now days the thought of doing thirty straight is overwhelming. But maybe I could do one small post a day.
  • National Video Blog Posting Month - I could do one small text post a day but I'm a videoblogger damn it! That I can't do every day. Well, maybe on some of the days. But not all. I don't think. But I got stuff, just have to recycle and adapt to new purposes. Yeah. I might be able to do that.
Anyway, here is the deal. I will try to post "something" for thirty days. I will release myself from any thought of perfection, competence and will hold a tenuous grip on my sanity. If I make it through I will stand among people who do what they say they are going to do and mean it.

Or not, hell somebody has to bring down the curve.

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