Friday, November 09, 2007

Acceptance - Day 10

It was a long day. It is 11:25pm. I have been up since 4:45am. I am looking at my last homework question:

When Archimedes lived in Syracuse, who was his patron? It is kinda fuzzy but I didn't think Archie was from New York. It doesn't matter cuz the server is down and I can't get into the Arts database to find out who he was stroking for cash.

I'm thinking these so called patrons didn't fork up money just for the aesthetic pleasure of having a work of art in their homes. I'm thinking that this was an exchange program and part of what was exchanged was body fluids.

I have no proof of this. It may be my carnal nature rising because my common sense has taken hike. But if I was a wealthy old gal in the old days and I had a piece of beefcake painting my ceiling I might invite him to survey my landscape.

Yes, I am a heathen. A spiritual heathen.

I am trying to edit video but I keep yawning. I may not make it but there is the futility in trying.

So, the word for today is acceptance. There is tomorrow.


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