Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wear It Black - Support the Jena Six

9-25-07 Update: Ok, as promised from My Urban Report:
  • Video from the rally in Jena, Louisiana.
  • An interview with Mose Def on his reasons for participating and more importantly calling out those celebrities that didn't appear or have yet to speak out.
and for a little something extra, a YouTube video on the march that blends music with clips from Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and other participants in the rally.

Original Post:

Too much time has passed waiting for the system to correct itself. Can't blame this on Katrina, it is the same ole Okey-Doke that gets young men locked up or killed. To get up to speed check out this mash-up of a Democracy Now audio report with photos SideTurn from Blip.TV

Dr. Mike over on YouTube did an interview with some of the Jena 6 defendants in the situation (Caution, if you venture over to YouTube and search for videos about the Jena 6 you will discover that some of the comments posted are of a highly insulting and racist nature. Nothing we haven't experienced before but you don't need to ingest them)

If you checked your local television news you may or may not see any references to the thousands of people who came to stand in support of the Jena 6. Some of the national news outlets have sent reporters down to Jena La.

But where are our voices? Not to worry, here is your chance to check it out cuz dang sure between focusing on OJ and focusing on a complicated story that requires examination we know whose face we are going to see on M$M.

From Nate Perkins Live: recording the Louisiana NAACP March for the Jena 6

Amani from My Urban Reporter has students in Atlanta talking about the situation

Soon as more of the day's activities are posted I will link to them.

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  1. Excellent take on this story here.