Sunday, August 12, 2007

Her Name Is Racheal

Once upon a time there was this woman who called herself "Ugly Fat Lady".

I've known about her vlog for a long time and I would check it out. But I hated the name and the concept of it. She wasn't ugly and fat is relative. I would wince in sympathy pain because it feels bad not to measure up to an artificial standard.

The solution is to have your own standard of being healthy and being beautiful. You can't buy that at the store. Food plans yes. Working out healthy eating skills is absolutely important but diets? Ewww!

Anyway, for just about a year she has been working on herself. She tried to diet, motivate herself, taking on making a movie, going to classes and continued to try to lose weight.

In the process, well, she can tell you about the process but the good news is that a new person has emerged. Her name is Rachael.


  1. I hate that women have to conform to society's norms. There is nothing wrong with having your own idea of beautiful. We aren't all lemmings!

  2. I understand. But it is a hard concept to come to embrace. Their are women who will fight like hell to pay $60 for the latest diet pills and put their health at risk.

    It is a process that each person has to work through. Sometimes three and four times over before the true meaning of "taking care of our emotional core first" kicks in.

  3. i have been fighting the fat fight since before high school. i walk my 2 huge dogs( by the way, everyone says how thin and healthy my great dane and red dog look) for over 1 hour a day, i have been hiking the mt wilson trail at least once a week for years, i gave up drinking 10 years ago, i get guilt trips eating bread and i make my husband buy the ice cream (he buys the kind i dislike) and i am still a 14-16. the question rachel, is are you happy? you are alive and can breathe in and out, you can feel. never give up on yourself!!on the inside you will always be the same beautiful person no matter what the "outside" looks like...rememeber to say "I AM"