Sunday, May 06, 2007

May Day in MacArthur Park - Reflection 3

There is a much better video of what happened after I left the area. Game Jew (that's his moniker folks) over on Revver has 10 minute video of just what happened from a ground level point of view.

You can also go to


  1. Pretty grim. Thanks for posting it. Seems like the only way we can get unbiased news is this way.

    Think the man that was interviewed is right, unfortunately, it's getting to be more and more of a police state.

    Regression instead of progression. I find it to be extremely depressing.

  2. Elizabeth Scales6/08/2007 5:10 PM

    Outrageous, they are directly violating the constitution of America. It's absolute tyranny. Somebody should sue them, trial by jury. The constitution clearly states the "Freedom of speech...freedom to peacefully assemble to readdress government decisions". There is absolutely no evidandace that this protest breached the peace and threatened the general welfare. Somebody's got to do something!
    -Elizabeth, age 13

  3. We did Elizabeth, we told the story of what happened so that it could not be denied.

    We took photos,listen to other witnesses and represented our truth to the rest of the world.

    In this small way change is happening. Keep the faith.