Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Anne Lamott - Videoblogging Week Day 4

One of the themes of videoblogging week is community and the outreach to alternative groups. But we are all part of interlocking communities.

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Author Anne LaMott speaks to communities of faith, substance abuses, parents, writers and those that need a laugh in the space of darkness.

This is a clip of her talking about how parenting is not a democracy. It is also a clip of solidarity, gender equality and the eternal lament of parents with teenagers.

This is the fourth day of Videoblogging Week. For more information visit:

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  1. I love Anne Lamott! If I were a writing teacher, I would use her book "Bird by Bird." I've never seen her in person - thanks for this video!

  2. This is really so fine. Your voice is GREAT and I won't take a blush as answer either. Lovely. Watched it twice so far. :)