Saturday, March 10, 2007

In Praise of Mouthy Women

On page 2 of my college newspaper there was an article on a religious group that came to our campus and kicked up a fuss. The name of the group is called "Repent America". Now from what I am gathering about the group, solely based on the article, is that they speak out against "homosexuals, murderers/baby killers, money grubbers and mouthy women."

Huh? Mouthy Women?

Now perhaps the reporter got it wrong. Maybe there was too much noise or a misunderstanding of biblical proportions.

I go to the official website. There are two paths to enter, one for Christians and one for all others. Not wanting to take any chance of pissing off their deity more than I already have I elect to enter for all others.

After 15 minutes reading information on the site my understanding is that they are against homosexuality. They are against abortion. They are against evolution.

I didn't see any citation about mouthy women but seeing as how they don't believe in evolution and the amount of scripture I saw I would bet that they hold dear the concept of the "submissive woman."

I've heard this before. I recently saw an excerpt from a male talk show on TV One. One of the participants said that he would not date or marry a black woman or any American woman. The primary reason? They talk back.

Yeah, so what this got to do with me?

First of all, it is Women's History Month. Women's History Month is filled with mouthy women. Some of these women's mouths changed this world for the better.

Rosa Parks was a mouthy woman. She said, "No".

That old lady down the street around the corner that nobody messes with is a mouthy women. Every female blogger be she a liberal or conservative is a mouthy woman. We have ideas. We express them without permission in a multitude of ways.

So it seems to me that to qualify for a mouthy woman all you got to do is use your voice. Even if you don't say a mumbling word. There are mouthy women who are silent but their action speak volumes.

Are there mouthy women who misuse the gift of speech? Yes. Would I want that woman's speech suppressed because I abhor what she has to say? No. Freedom of speech must apply to all or it has no meaning.

This is our time. Even in our silence we must speak up.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post, I am glad you left me a comment so I could find you. Very well written.
    I think it is time all women really learned what their place was in this world and were put in their place. As full equals in ever aspect to the word. Not above men but certainly not below. Yes there are a lot of annoying mouthy women, but if you look there are just as many men that fall into that same catagory