Sunday, January 28, 2007

L.A. Anti-War Protest - Military Families Speak Out

This is a speech given by Pat Alviso of Military Families Speak Out. She is joined on stage with her family.

She talks about her son currently serving in Iraq and the contradictions of elected democrats that ran on an anti-war platform only to plead they have no power once in Congress. Pat got me thinking hard on this point.

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The only time the Democratic party wants me to know anything is when they want me to contribute money. In no way is this a two way conversation. I think they think it is business as usually.

Maybe, if we have failed to learn the lessons of non-engagement with our elected officials. Maybe not. But it don't smell good from here.Once seated into the chambers the RepDems are so scared of doing anything to upset the status quo they put out non-threatening (to themselves) non-binding resolutions.

Dubya has ignored a bi-partisan panel, his military advisory committee and the even his own boys who are trying to point out things aren't going so well. What the hell does a non-binding resolution do anyway but document the passion of in-activity?

To be fair, I'm just as angry at Republicans who all of the sudden have seen the light. Wrong is wrong and why did it take losing the election to see that? Who removed the scales from their eyes? I doubt it was conscious or a latent strain of ethics.

But don't they look good in those shiny contemporary presidential cut designer suits.

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