Monday, January 16, 2006

Living In This Time - MLK Anti-War Video 1967

There is no question - without the activists, future thinkers, dreamers and courageous people from my historical past I would not be here today. Mother Parks, and Father King and those that walked in the paths they paved for me made me possible.

There was an enforced prohibition on renting to non-whites in the city I currently live in. I certainly wouldn't have the job that I currently have because, other than domestic workers, there were no other minority encourage employment, this was a proud "John Birch" city. Forget about shopping or siting in a park.

But I don't like to see Dr. King reduced to a twice a year icon. He was a multi-dimensional person. He understood that you couldn't ask for justice for your people but for all people. In 1967 he drew heavy criticism for participating in protesting against the Vietnam war. Some folks felt he should stick to domestic affairs, some felt he had stepped too far out, beyond his base. And then there were the "church folk."

But I promised Spirit I'd lay off pointing fingers at the "so-called" faithful and some of their leaders. They don't need my help, some of them are crashing into reality even as I type. But I am really angry at them for they know what they do can't be in alignment with their teachings and keep doing it anyway. Ugh.

I did have a point - oh yeah, over at the beloved Internet Archive there is a portion of a video shot by Universal Newsreel on a protest march to the UN with Dr. King. If he was here now I feel he would have stood against this war and the other non-legal actions that are associated with it. It is a public domain video. Everything old is new again.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Achey - Breaky Heart - My Tale of Woe...

Hey, how goes it. It has been a long time since my last confession, I mean post. It all started with my system acting goofy. I kept ignoring small warning signs. I just wanted to do my thing.

Then Windows XP started acting and cutting up like a fool. I could no longer ignore the problem but meet it head on. My plan was to instal Suse Linux for web surfing and XP for production work. I studied for weeks and got CD copies of the Linux software.

I thought I knew what I was doing.

I didn't.

I wrecked not one but two hard drives. I had backups but there is always something that you forget that you didn't make a copy of. Then the motherboard and CPU started acting dippy and did I mention that I caught a nasty bit of spyware trying to download my anti-virus program. I had to wipe the drive clean a third time.

Let's not talk about the joys of Windows XP product activation in a short span of time.

Lesson 1. - Videobloggers, back up your bookmarks, templates and emails that have the serial numbers to the programs that did not come in a box!

Lesson 2. - If you have not already done so, BUY A MACINTOSH! If this is not financially possible - and I share your pain, save money and when you are able BUY A MACINTOSH!

Lesson 3. - This is not Suse's fault - I did not understand that I should have partitioned the drive first - I was too cheap to buy Partition Magic. I had just bought cables, a new firewire card, a new mobo, cpu so my inner cheapskate was railing.

I shudda done it. I now face the joy of trying to restore the MBR (Master Boot Record) to one of the drives to try to get some of my info back.

Don't ask, I can barely read the manual let alone explain it. I just want to shoot video and post what I find. It should not be this much of a fight. It shouldn't be this hard. Somebody told me I should purchase the Windows Media Center Operating System.

Just $300. No, never, not one more dime to M$, on this I swear. Anyway my system is less than stable(crashing) but I shall return like the Pheonix from ashes to glory.

Stay tuned and keep the faith.