Sunday, September 03, 2006

Education - Open Mosque Day in Los Angeles

I get tired of hearing Dubya and the (Mis)Administration calling every follower of Islam a terrorist. But I don't know anything about the faith or the people who practice that belief system.

So in the universal spirit of what I don't know I need to find out this is my visit to the children's area of the Mosque. I got more stuff coming. For more information visit


  1. Hi Gena - thanks for your lovely comments - much appreciated, especially from an accomplished blogger like yourself. There is an intellegence behind your ideas and expression that really shines through. Keep it up:)


  2. It is disrespectful to refer to the President of the United States as ''Dubya'' and a misrepresentation to suggest that he or anyone in his administration has ever said that ''every follower of Islam is a terrorist.''

    This obvious expression of hatred and anger is in conflict with the goals of this blog to promote understanding and diversity. Thus, it diminishes the overall credibility of the discussion.

  3. Thank you for your comment. I'm not perfect. I have biases. I work on them. I am constantly taking the logs out of my eyes.

    The best I can do is be willing to listen.

    In regard to "Dubya". I do not nor have I ever recognized this man to be the legal president of the USA. The 2000 election process was corrupted. He was not elected, he was selected by nine people.

    Dubya is my compromise of what I could call him. In memory of the great Molly Ivans, Dubya he was called and Dubya he remains.

    By implication and association the administration gives the impression that Islam = terrorism. It has not done a good job of helping American citizens make that distinction.

    Do I hate the "administration?" I hate the divisions that has happened in this country, part of which I've attribute to (now) past and present members of the administration.

    I hate that opportunists (on both sides) have corrupted for profit major tenets of our beliefs for political expediency.

    I hate that I and others who have voiced our opinions we were called and continue to be called "disloyal".

    Yes, I am angry at what has happened to my country. This is my attempt to find positive paths and answers.