Monday, September 18, 2006

CCBA - Invocations on the 4th of July

Better late than never but this is just silly. I could have waited until July 2007 but there is a reason to my madness. In my future post I'm hoping to show a relationship with a theme. What is the theme? You'll see, I hope.

First, let me explain. I didn't want to show this video because the cheap camcorder I was using was terrible. I didn't know it was bad at the time but there ya go. You take your chances and some of them don't pan out. I need a good purse camcorder.

I was really angry at myself because there was interesting things that happened. I know a few Chinese Americans but I don't know what it is like to be of Chinese lineage in America or California.

Seems to be a running theme in my recent posts, “I don't know nothing about (insert the blanks). Well, shoot there are millions of topics I don't know anything about. How am supposed to learn if I am not open to admit ignorance? Maybe I shouldn't fess up to it.

I gotta think on that one for a bit.

As I listened to the speakers and observed the ceremony it seem like it is similar to being African American in some respects. The quest to prove you are American. The challenge of respecting who you are in the context of a larger culture that sends messages that question your "Americaness" when you insist on holding on to certain traditions.

Some days it is easy. Some nights it will give you a major headache. These are three speakers who want you to know that they embrace America.

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