Saturday, August 26, 2006

Love Prosper

On a warm Saturday afternoon I was perambulating on North Fair Oaks in the park with the folks. Little kids running back and forth playing, adults eating, pontificating and double checking on the kids running back and forth.

I came to the park to catch Tommy the Clown and his crew but I just missed the dance performance. Rose Royce wouldn't be playing until 5 pm. And I knew my toe bones would not last that long. (They are barking at me right now.)

It was my kind of day so I walked around to check out the festivities.

These young ladies were performing and I got a chance to talk with them. The name of the group is Love Prosper. This is how true performers get their start. I was impressed with the performance even as that guy tried to set up for the next act.

The ladies really connected with the audience and gave 100%. This is a combination performance/interview I did with Lyrical Poetical Voice and Poetess Freeway.


  1. Whatever happened to the Open Mosque Day movie that you made ?

  2. Hiya, yeah I know. I'm like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland; I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

    Finishing up on it and others so it is looking good for sometime between now and Labor Day.