Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Invocations - Making Bricks on the 4th of July

There is a old James Brown song that has the lyric “...there was a time.” This time is moving so fast that we forget what it was like in the long ago, before cell phone, VCR's, Party line connection and rabbit ears that hook up to the UHF converter. Let alone what life was like 150 or 200 years ago.

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So imaging trying to explain to young kids that once upon a time you had to not only build your own house but you had to make your own bricks. In this video a young lady is being introduced to the ways of many of our ancestors.

I think both the Living History person and her mom really wanted her to understand the connection. That she knows that everthing isn't connected to batteries or electricity. That there was another type of life in the early history of the Americas. In time she will understand but I could kinda see she was a little confused.

Visitors got a chance to experience pottery, blacksmithing, rope making and other necessary skills at the presentation. In the next series of videos I want to share some of the connections that the past has on our present time.

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  1. Gena:

    It's so good to see children learning about past building methods. I look forward to your past/present time, since I'm involved in the historic building trades.

    May I repost your Making Bricks at my Front Porch?