Sunday, September 25, 2005

Don't Know What You've Got-Cornfield #2

The sky is a joy of blue and white. I am walking through cornfields. The corn stalks are a foot taller than I am, planted thick so all you can see is green, yellow, sky, and earth.

I find the circle area in the meeting place. I sit and feel warm air wash over me. I look up, more sky. I look to the left; the Gold Line train is passing by. I look right I see industrial Los Angeles. Behind me is Chinatown.

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Los Angeles is a source of constant contradictions. A few folks come by with cameras in their hands. One guy snaps one photo, looks hard at the land. I can see it in his eyes, “How much can I shoot of a cornfield?” But he keeps shooting and walks deeper and deeper into it.

I am alone with the elements. I like it. A lot. I start to heal a little bit. I have been too long from real land. Most of us have been separated from the healing powers of the earth. This is a quiet reminder of what we are missing. There are choices. We need to make better ones.

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