Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sunday, Sunday - Ray Bradbury

On Sunday August 28th, I banged my ankle. It is not pleased and I refuse to give up. I head out. I negotiate with my higher nature. A compromise is struck with the Techno Muse and the Muse of Health. I can go to the Mystery and Imagination Bookstore that is hosting author Ray Bradbury.

The store was honoring Mr. Bradbury on his birthday. If I can do that then I could go to Sunset Junction. I wanted another opportunity to shoot pictures of half naked men. That involved a lot more walking so this will be a fair test if I can do it.

Intellect vs. Lust?
Upper Chakras vs. Lower Chakras?

I hobble on over. The place is packed. This is not saying a lot because it is a small bookstore. A wonderful independent but small bookstore. There are people oozing out the door. My impression was that Mr. Bradbury was going to talk about anything he wanted.

Well he was there. There was a huge cake. And he was signing books. He seemed nice enough. Someone from the crowd asked a clerk if was going to talk and the guy behind the desk said unlikely. “He would sign as many books as he could and then stop.”

Yep. This is how it goes. You intend to do something with full will and passion and then the environmentals of your life force you to stop. This does not make for great video. But it is a moment in time. In the meantime, for more information about his writing, his contribution to literature and other matters visit:

The official web site is you can find out more information about him, his wife Margaurite and his body of work.

Science Fiction Weekly has an interview with Ray that shows how active you can be at 81 years of age -

Wired For Books has an audio interview with Ray, it is in Real Player format -

And no, I didn’t make it to Sunset Junction either.

Quicktime 160x120 Dial-up version

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