Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Hitching A Ride – Backpack Information Manager

Anyone who knows me knows I carry a messenger bag full of papers, books, notebooks, and free papers picked up from around town.

It is not because I want to do it. You never know who might need a copy of eye exercises or a list of music from the Alan Lomax collection. Really, it happens. I'm like a Boy scout. Always prepared. Except I'm not a boy. Or a scout.

While looking for something completely different, I don't remember what, I came upon a free service called Backpack.

You can create a "to do" or memory page that you can access from any Internet connected computer. You can post your travel plans or emergency contact information. You can put up a portfolio or a buying list for the building project.

Fore example, I'm at a client's home. There is a bit of information or software I didn't anticipate needing. I could zip over to Backpack and download or print from one central place.

The site is very easy to use. If you need convincing there are Quick Time movies to help you learn to use the service. If you can type you can use Backpack. You can email reminders, photos, and notes to post at the site.

You sign in to your own private section. No one can see your Backpack page but you or whomever you want to see it.

If you use no more than five pages (that you can re-use and recycle) Backpack is free. If you need more space then you can purchase more pages. For most folks five pages is plenty. Unless you are a compulsive pack rat, I mention no names - http://www.backpackit.com

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