Monday, April 25, 2005

I Pity The Fool – The Darwin Awards

There are people who are lifelong dolts, goofs and fools. But there is a special place in the universe for those that are so cognitively challenged they require special merit.

The Darwin Award celebrates those who have left us under supremely stupid circumstances or embarrassed themselves to such a degree they will never live it down. There are two sites that I found. I can't determine who was first so you get a double helping of awards fever.

The Original Darwin Awards site is simple with a listing of different categories, including historical stupidity. There is a comfort in knowing you don't have to be born stupid. Take Francis Bacon. He was on the right track about stuffing a chicken with snow. But it is all in the technique. You shouldn't die from it -

The slicker The Darwin Awards has a huge list of stories and urban legends. Let it be known that heavy drinking and messing with a few thousands bees do not mix -

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