Saturday, February 12, 2005

London Calling - BBC and CBC programs of note

As many of you know, I listen to the British Broadcasting Corporation and Canadian Broadcasting to get a broader perspective of the relationship between American and the rest of
the world.

The BBC program, Global Business did something interesting last week. They explained to an international audience just how much America is intertwined with various economies. To visit the BBC and to listen to live and archive programs visit or

The Canadian Broadcasting Company has a very good web site that not only informs their citizens about Canada but also keeps an eye on that pesky neighbor to the south. It has extensive international coverage. It is a huge site but the starting place is

Your local public radio station may carry As It Happens, hosted by Mary Lou Finley and Barbara Budd. Depending on the topic, they are tough, funny, informed and always prepared for anything. You can listen to programs at

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