Monday, January 03, 2005

The Monkey Thought T'was All In Fun – Consumerfreedom.Com and Activist Cash

Consumer Freedom/Activist Cash presents itself as fighting those people against capitalism. They viewed 325,000 IRS documents to find what tax-exempt non-profits and activists are doing. If you are for:
  • environmental causes,
  • non-genetically modified foods,
  • universal health care,
  • vegetarianism or
  • believe in anything that they are against, you make the anti-capitalist list, if you have money.
Ben and Jerry's Foundations and the Center for Science in the Public Interest are on the list. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and groups that have received grants through the foundation. I know George Sorros made the list. He has pledged $15 millions to prevent Dubya's occupation for another four years. Oh yeah, he's getting calls.

Robert Redford is on the list because of his involvement in the Natural Defense Council. I have deeper respect and a burning desire to rent a copy of The Way We Were. This site is like a
virtual Nixon enemy list. Even as a kid I remember how proud or upset people were because they didn't make the list. Being cited is a total badge of honor.

I know this was not the intent and 99.89% of the regular visitors are probably contemptuous of every name and organization that is listed. The site lists names, job titles, addresses, phone numbers and means of contact - and

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